The Bilkent Symphony Digital on Air

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra has started broadcasting its online concerts on the “Bilkent Symphony Digital” platform.

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra performed the first few concerts of the 2020-21 season to a limited number of listeners in line with the pandemic rules. After its last concert attended by an audience on November 29, it started making recordings without listeners. In this process, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra has launched the “Bilkent Symphony Digital” platform to present its concerts to the concert-goers. Music lovers can now watch the concerts whenever they want in the comfort of their homes.

Nusret İspir, Musical Director of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, made the following statement for the “Bilkent Symphony Digital”: “When we announced the cancellation of our concerts in March last season, we were hoping to start the new season under normal conditions. During this extraordinary period we are going through, we have had to devise multiple ‘A, B, C’ plans. We have tried to find ways of sharing our music with our listeners, irrespective of the circumstances. Hence, we introduce the ‘Bilkent Symphony Digital’. We make the concert recordings in cooperation with the Design and Music Departments of Bilkent University. Music lovers will be able to watch our concerts whenever and wherever they want in return for a symbolic fee of 10 TL. At a time when we are practicing social distancing, we are in fact removing distances and suggesting that you ‘Invite the Bilkent Symphony to Your Home’.”

The Bilkent Symphony Digital concerts can be accessed through the address

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