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Season Concerts

2019 – 2020

16 November 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Fascinating Melodies Michael Maciaszczyk3

Michael Maciaszczyk, conductor
Yang Jiang, piano

W.A. Mozart | Concerto for Piano No.23 in A major, KV.488
A. Dvorak | Symphony No.8, Op.88

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23 November 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Unconditional Love

Adrien Perruchon, conductorTamara StefanovichPhoto: Marco Borggreve
Tamara Stefanovich, piano

P.I. Tchaikovsky | Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture
W.A. Mozart
 | Concerto for Piano No.24 in C minor, KV.491

S. Prokofiev | Romeo & Juliet, Op.64

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25 November 2019 Monday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Barno Haknazarova Piano Recital

J.S. Bach | English Suite No.3 in G minor, BWV 808
L. van Beethoven | Piano Sonata Op.2 No.3 in C major
F. Chopin | Piano Sonata Op.58 No.3 in B minor

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30 November 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Echoes of Eternity

Christian Lindberg, conductor-tromboneChristian Lindberg
Cem Güngör, trombone

L. Bernstein | On the Waterfront
J. Sandström
 | Concerto for Two Trombones and Orchestra “Echoes of Eternity”

C. Lindberg | Fake News, World Premiere
L. Bernstein | West Side Story, Symphonic Dances

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1 December 2019, Sunday, 18:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Turkish-American Cultural Laboratory in Concert

Dasha Moroz
, piano
Mark Prihodko, violoncello
Zeynep Alpan, violin

Michael Dean Parsons | Tracings
Missy Mazzoli | Vespers
Jennifer Higdon | Nocturne
Michael Dean Parsons | Songs, memories

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7 December 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall



Pierre Bleuse, conductorYulianna Avdeeva
Yulianna Avdeeva, piano

E. Grieg | Concerto for Piano in A minor, Op.16
D. Shostakovich | Symphony No.15 in A major, Op.141

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14 December 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Distant Worlds

Tito Ceccherini, conductorSimone Lamsma
Simone Lamsma, violin

A. Webern | Passacaglia, Op.1
M. Bruch | Concerto for Violin No.1 in G minor
R. Strauss | Tod und Verklärung, Op.24

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21 December 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Virtuoso Brothers

Işın Metin, conductorLucas & Arthur Jussen
Lucas & Arthur Jussen, piano …………………………………………………………………………

F. Poulenc | Concerto for Two Pianos in D minor, FP.61
R. Strauss | Dance Suite after François Couperin, TrV.245
I. Stravinsky | Symphony in C major

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27 & 28 December 2019, Friday & Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

New Year’s Concerts

Brandon Keith Brown, conductor
Asya Fateyeva, saxophone

O. Nicolai | Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor 
A. Khachaturian | Walzer aus Maskerade 
S. Prokofiev | Romeo & Juliet 
L. Delibes | Lakme, Dome Epais 
P.I. Tchaikovsky | Nutcracker, Waltz of the Flowers 
G. Rossini | William Tell Overture 
J. Strauss II | Die Fledermaus Overture 
A. Shor | Verdiana 
S. Rachmaninov | Vocalise 
J. Strauss II | An der Schonen Blauen Donau 
J. Strauss II | Radetzky March



17 January 2020, Friday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Seasonsmasane Ota 2


Masane Ota, conductor
Yevgeniy Kostrytskyy, violin

W.A. Mozart | Symphony No.27 in G major, KV.199
A. Vivaldi | Four Seasons, Op.8


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1 February 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Beethoven 250 – ISebastian_Perlowski_koncert-04

Sebastian Perlowski, conductor
Önder Baloğlu, violin
Çağdaş Özkan, piano
Nil Kocamangil, violoncello

L. van Beethoven | Triple Concerto, Op.56
L. Andriessen | The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven for orchestra and ice cream bell
G. Gershwin | An American in Paris

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8 February 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Rhythmic Dances

Pablo Rus Broseta, conductorPablo Rus Broseta2
Christoph Sietzen, percussion 
Elman Mecid, percussion 

A. Dorman | Double-Percussion Concerto “Spices, Perfumes, Toxins!”  
S. Rachmaninov | Symphonic Dances, Op.45

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14 & 15 February 2020, Friday & Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Valentine’s Day Concertslos pitutos 3

Andrés Soto, conductor
Los Pitutos
Álvaro Zambrano, vocal, guitar, keyboards, percussion 

Matías Pineira, horn, trumpet, vocal
Pablo Camus, vocal, guitar
Tomás Peralta, vocal, guitar, keyboards, percussion 
Cristian Betancourt, percussion, vocal

No Tiene Caso | Corazón | No! | Ay Amor! | Lejos de Ti | Mate y Cumbia | Mis Lágrimas | Ven Ven Ven | Abrázame | Algo en Común  

Los Pitutos is a Chilean-Colombian band, founded in Berlin in 2015, which specialises in adaptations of popular Boleros and Cumbias and which mixes them with own compositions – leading to a unique mixture which captivates its audience and brings it to Latin America on a one way ticket.

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25 February 2020, Tuesday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

In Memory of İhsan Doğramacı
idil biret berlin 1

Gürer Aykal, conductor
İdil Biret, piano

L. van Beethoven | The Creatures of Prometheus Overture, Op.43

L. van Beethoven | Symphony No.4 in B flat major, Op.60

L. van Beethoven | Concerto for Piano No.5 in E flat major, Op.73 “Emperor”


19 & 20 February 2020, Wednesday, Thursday, 11:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Youth Concerts

Murat Cem Orhan, conductorgenclere konserler
Burak Noyan, narrator


7 March 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

International Women’s DayDanusha Waskiewicz

Benjamin Yusupov, conductor
Tolga Salman, bandoneon
Danusha Waskiewicz
, viola-dance
Ronald Savkovic, dance

A. Piazzolla | Michelangelo 70
A. Piazzolla
| Concierto para Quinteto
A. Piazzolla
| Milonga del Angel
A. Piazzolla
| Oblivion
A. Piazzolla
| Libertango
(Arrangements: Tolga Salman)
B. Yusupov 
| Viola Tango Rock Concerto

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14 March 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Fantastic Heroes

Vladimir Fanshil, conductor
Jonathan Roozeman
, violoncelloJonathan Roozeman

R. Strauss | Don Quixote, Op.35
A. Zemlinsky | The Mermaid, Fantasy for Orchestra

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21 March 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Gürer Aykal, conductorkuba-jakowicz-kopya
Jakub Jakowicz, violin

A. Dvorak | American Suite in A major, Op.98b

F. Mendelssohn | Concerto for Violin in E minor, Op.64

E. Elgar | In the South (Alassio), Op.50

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28 March 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Atlas of Music

Chris Moulds, conductorChristopher Moulds
“50th Years” TRT Ankara Radio Polphonic Choir
Giampaolo Vessella, choirmaster

G.P. Telemann | Jubel Oratorium für die Hamburger Admiralität in D major, TWV23:1
G.P. Telemann | Suite in B flat “les Nations” TWV 55:B5
H. Purcell | Abdelazer Suite
M.A. Charpentier | Te Deum, H.146 

trt logo

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3 April 2020, Friday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

İhsan Doğramacı Special Concert
gulsin onay 2018

Gürer Aykal, conductor
Gülsin Onay, piano

B. Smetana | Moldau

A.A. Saygun | Concerto for Piano No.1, Op.34

N. Rimsky-Korsakov | Capriccio Espagnol, Op.34


10 April 2020, Friday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Beethoven 250 – IIbeethoven pulu

Can Okan, conductor
Eleanor Lyons, soprano

J. Haydn | Scena di Berenice, Hob XXIVa:10
L. van Beethoven | Egmont Overture, Op.84
L. van Beethoven | Ah! Perfido, Op.65
İ. Usmanbaş | Symphony No.2

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17 April 2020, Friday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Ancient Heroes

Maurice Steger, conductor-recorder

Maurice Steger Photo: Marco Borggreve

Ray Chenez, countertenor

G.F. Handel | Concerto a due cori in F Major, HWV 334
G.F. Handel | Suite de danse, 1705
G.F. Handel | The Choice of Hercules, Yet can I hear that dulcet lay
H. Purcell | Masque Timon of Athens, Curtain Ground, Z. 632
G.F. Handel | Theodora, Sweet rose and lily
G.F. Handel | Belshazzar, Destructive War
G.F. Handel | Rinaldo, Venti turbini
F. Geminiani | Concerto A major for recorder & orchestra 
G.F. Handel | Alcina, Mi lusinga il dolce affetto
G.F. Handel | Alcina, Sta nell’Ircana
G.P. Telemann | Concerto for 3 trumpets, timpani, oboe, strings & b.c., TWV54:D3

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21, 22 April 2020, Tuesday, Wednesday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Kids Concert
murat cem orhan

Murat Cem Orhan, conductor
Children’s Choir of Early Music Training Program
Bilkent FMPA Soloists

9 May 2020, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Beethoven 250 – IIIbeethoven pulu

Andreas Neufeld, violin
Stephan Picard, violin
Lise Berthaud, viola
Zvi Plesser, violoncello

C. Ives | The unanswered question
L. van Beethoven | String Quartet in F minor, Op.95

15 May 2020, Friday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Concert of Youth
sibil arsenyan

Sibil Arsenyan, conductor 
Bilkent FMPA Soloists

13 June 2020, Saturday, 20:30 | Bilkent Odeon

Faure-Requiemtabakov renkli4a

Emil Tabakov, conductor
Ministry of Culture and Tourism State Polyphonic Choir
Burak Onur Erdem
, choirmaster

Overtures, Arias

G. Faure  | Requiem in D minor, Op.48


[box]20 June 2020, Saturday, 20:30 | Bilkent Odeon[/box]

Fazıl Say at Bilkent Odeon

Julien Masmondet, conductor
Fazıl Say
, piano

L. van Beethoven | Concerto for Piano No.3 in C minor, Op.37
M. Mussorgsky
| Pictures at an Exhibition



2019 – 2020 Previous Concert


[box]22 August 2019, Thursday, 20:30 | D-Marin Turgutreis[/box]

Bodrum Music Festival Opening Concertfazil-say1

Nil Venditti, conductor
Fazıl Say, piano

L. van Beethoven | Concerto for Piano Konçertosu No.3 in C minor, Op.37
F. Mendelssohn | Symphony No.4 in A major, Op.90 “İtalian”

[box]23 August 2019, Friday, 21:00 | D-Marin Turgutreis[/box]


Bodrum Music Festivalpablo-fernandez kopya

İbrahim Yazıcı, conductor
Pablo Ferrandez, violoncello

A. Dvorak | Concerto for Violoncello in B minor, Op.104
F. Say | Symphony No.4 “Hope” (Turkish premiere)

14 September 2019, Saturday, 20:30 | Bilkent Odeon

Mozart, Requiem

Bruno Mantovani, conductor
Ministry of Culture and Tourism State Polyphonic Choir
Burak Onur Erdem
, choirmaster
Ezgi Karakaya, mezzo-soprano
Ayhan Uştuk, tenor
Doğukan Özkan, bass
W.A. Mozart | Requiem in D minor, KV.626


24 September 2019, Tuesday, 20:30 | Bilkent Odeon

fazil-say1Murat Cem Orhan, conductor
Fazıl Say, pianoF. Say | Piano Concerto “Water”
F. Say | Symphony No.4 “Hope”

28 September 2019 Saturday, 20:00 | Nazım Hikmet Congress and Art Center, Yenimahalle


Ender Sakpınar, conductorlevent gunduz
Levent Gündüz, tenor

W.A. Mozart | Le Nozze di Figaro Overture, KV.492
A. Lara | Granada
A. Dvorak | Slavonic Dances No.8, Op.46
N. Rota | Godfather, Parla piu piano
T. Guliyev | Sene de Galmaz
H. Zimmer | Gladiator
J. Williams | Superman
K. Badelt | Pirates of the Caribbean
Italian Songs
J. Williams | Star Wars

12 October 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Sezon Opening ConcertEmalieSavoy-0840

Christoph Mathias Mueller, conductor
Emalie Savoy, soprano

A. Weprik | Songs and Dances of the Ghetto, Op.12
M. Ravel | Shéhérazade
G. Mahler | Symphony No.1 in D major “Titan”


19 October 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Pastoral Colors

Howard Griffiths, conductorNoah Bendix-Balgley
Noah Bendix-Balgley, violin

P.I. Tchaikovsky | Concerto for Violin in D major, Op.35
R. Vaughan Williams | Symphony No.5 in D major


26 October 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

Republic Day Concertnil venditti

Nil Venditti, conductor
Kian Soltani, violoncello

Ü. Akbaş | Nocturne in Red, World premiere, BSO commission
S. Prokofiev | Sinfonia Concertante, Op.125
S. Rachmaninov | Symphony No.1 in D minor, Op.13


31 October 2019, Thursday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall 

For Kids (Ages 6 +)halloween
Halloween Concert (with costumes)

Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra
Işın Metin, 

E. Grieg | Peer Gynt, In the Hall of the Mountain King
M. Mussorgsky | Pictures at an Exhibition, Catacombs, Baba Yaga, The Grand Gate of Kiev
I. Stravinsky | Firebird, Infernal Dance
P. Dukas | l’Apprenti Sorcier
J. Williams | Harry Potter, Hedwig’s Theme, Nimbus 2000, Harry’s Wondrous World
J. Williams | Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, Imperial March

This is a concert for the whole family where everyone wears a costume or at
least a funny hat.


2 November 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall


Time Travel

Christoph Poppen, conductorDilyara Idrisova
Dilyara Idrisova, soprano

G.F. Handel | Hercules, Ah think what ills
G. F. Handel | Hercules, My breast with tender pity
A. Part | Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten
A. Vivaldi | In furore iustissimae irae
B. Bartok | Divertimento, Sz.113

9 November 2019, Saturday, 20:00 | Bilkent Concert Hall

In Memory for Atatürk
Dirigent Christoph Poppen

Christoph Poppen, conductor
Iraz Yıldız, piano
Yunus Tuncalı, piano

W.A. Mozart | Concerto for Two Pianos in E flat major, KV.365
L. van Beethoven | Symphony No.3 in E flat major, Op.55 “Eroica”