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Concert Halls

Located between the main and east campuses of the Bilkent University, the architectural, interior design and decoration projects of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts building has been done by architects Erkut Şahinbaş and İlhan Kural. The building was constructed during December 9, 1993 – October 15, 1994 by TEPE Construction. The Bilkent Concert Hall and the Bilkent Theater Hall are located within the FMPA building which encompasses a net area of 14.328 m2.

The Bilkent Concert Hall consists of three floors. The acoustic consulting of the concert hall was done by the Finnish architect Matti Heikkinen. With adjustable acoustic panels and stage lift creating an orchestra pit, the hall can also be used for opera productions. With a seating capacity of 800 and two Steinway D (Hamburg) Concert Grand pianos, the Bilkent Concert Hall is also a distinguished recording studio. The opening concert of the Bilkent Concert Hall was given on November 1, 1994 by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.