The Bilkent Odeon

The Bilkent Odeon was designed by architects Erkut Şahinbaş and Alpay Güleyen in 1992, and won the achievement award in the project branch from the National Architecture Awards Jury of the Chamber of Architects in 1993. After the completion of its construction, the building was started to be used in 1999.

The Odeon was built in the area of the Bilkent University campus where the faculty residences are located. While the top of the building was covered with a roof to provide protection against natural factors, the sides were left open to enable the audience to enjoy the landscape in the background and to turn the structure to an exact amphitheater.

The ODEON with its 4000-seating capacity hosts the university’s graduation ceremonies, concerts of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, and numerous social activities independent of the university.